Volunteer as a Student Ambassador

Applications are currently closed. Please check back in September 2018 or email selection@teachforcanada.ca to be notified about our new Ambassador program.

Student Ambassadors play a critical role at Teach For Canada by leading our on-campus efforts to recruit committed teachers for northern First Nations schools. Student Ambassadors demonstrate a commitment to education equity, organisational aptitude, and other Teach For Canada teacher qualities. By volunteering as a Student Ambassador you will raise awareness on educational inequality and the strength of northern First Nations and recruit prospective teachers who fit our teacher selection criteria.


Professional Development

Student Ambassadors lead Teach For Canada awareness initiatives on educational inequities and the strength of northern First Nation communities.

A Community of Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors learn from First Nations’ community partners about education in the communities and discuss awareness-raising strategies

Make a Difference

We are excited to exchange, share, and grow with each Ambassador as we strive to provide more opportunities to students in northern First Nations communities.

“I was looking to take what I was learning in my education degree and apply it. We were learning about the inequalities that Indigenous people face but it didn’t extend to doing the front line work. So if you’re looking to grow your professional skill set, if you’re looking to learn more about what you’re reading in textbooks, I think Teach For Canada is the place you should be.”

Jasmine Balley

Student Ambassador 2015-2017