Volunteer as a Professional Mentor

Applications are currently closed. Email mentorship@teachforcanada.ca for more information.

The mentorship program is a crucial pillar of support that Teach For Canada provides its teachers. Mentors are experienced teachers who have the passion, skills, and vision to support a Teach For Canada teacher through their first two years in a northern First Nation.


Reciprocal Learning

The mentor and mentee relationship provides teachers with an opportunity to learn from each others’ experiences and hone their practice.

Build your Professional Network

By connecting with Teach For Canada teachers mentors, can continue to build their professional network to include teachers in northern First Nations.

Make a Difference

Teach For Canada strives to make education more equal for learners in First Nations schools. You can do your part by supporting a teacher. This support will filter directly to the learning in the classroom and allow you to make a difference by sharing your experience and knowledge.

“The experiences and rich backgrounds of Teach for Canada’s mentors allow them to give perspective and guidance to teachers going into new and unfamiliar communities. Having someone to relate to and communicate with on a regular basis is very valuable.”

Lisa Alaimo

Professional Mentor and Teach For Canada alumni