Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith
Senior Manager of Growth and Partnerships

Ashley joins Teach For Canada after spending five years at a management consulting firm. Her primary focus in that time was recruiting for the firm, building relationships with top universities around the world and supporting students through the process. She supported recruiting initiatives for six different offices and had the opportunity to live and work in South Africa as well as the United Kingdom. While in South Africa, Ashley took on two major projects: building a recognizable brand for the firm among talent pools in South Africa and Nigeria, and improving their processes to provide equal opportunity to a diverse range of candidates. Taking the time to be thoughtful about those processes and taking into consideration the socioeconomic conditions impacting potential candidates was a very valuable learning for her. Ashley makes the effort to bring a balance of analytical thinking paired with inclusion and community building to everything she does.

Ashley attended Wilfrid Laurier University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Legal Studies. She enjoys traveling and checking out different forms of art, from taking drawing and encaustic painting classes to attending spoken word poetry readings and music concerts.