Chanequa Cameron
Teacher Development Manager

Chanequa’s peers would describe her as creative, dedicated to a variety of meaningful causes, passionate about living in and being one with nature, and having great optimism for her capacity to contribute positively towards systemic-level change in education. Chanequa studied early childhood education and child development early in her career. After working as an ECE for several years she pursued graduate studies and eventually enrolled in teachers college. Chanequa is an Ontario Certified Teacher with primary, junior and intermediate certifications and she brings with her over 15 years of experience in education and advocacy work.

Chanequa is a Teach For Canada–Gakinaamaage teacher alumna and after working from 2018-2022 with a Community Partner, Deer Lake First Nation, Chanequa joined TFC–Gakinaamaage as a Teacher Development Manager. She leads the Teacher/Education Assistant Professional Development Program (TA Program).