Teacher Support

Teach For Canada supports teachers during the first two years of teaching in the North to ensure their success in the classroom and the community.

Teach For Canada offers support by cultivating relationships with community members to ease teachers’ integration. We also arrange professional development opportunities to create a culture of continuous learning. Teach For Canada facilitates peer relationship development so that teachers collaborate and have support systems.

Three Pillars of Support

Teach For Canada’s support system is grounded on three pillars: professional, peer, and personal. Teach For Canada is committed to helping teachers develop as educators during their first two years in a northern First Nation. Teach For Canada offers a number of supports, including:

Teachers receive an annual Additional Qualification subsidy, a check in call monthly or as needed, and in-person classroom coaching at least once per year.
Teachers are connected through online forums and through a variety of social gatherings, including an optional summer reunion.
Teachers have regular check-ins with Teach For Canada, have access to mental health and wellness resources including counsellors who provide individual therapy, and receive the occasional care package from Teach For Canada.