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Please leave us a message using the contact form and Katie Vander Wielen, Team and Operations Manager, will respond soon.


Teacher Applicant Inquiries

For questions about teaching in a northern First Nation, please contact Gill Forth, Teacher Recruitment Manager.


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Job opportunity!
We are hiring a Teacher Selection Coordinator (Full-time, Contract) to support our teacher selection and matching efforts.
Learn more about this position here: https://t.co/FkbsXTXtsC and apply by November 29th!
#TorontoJobs #NowHiring #nonprofit https://t.co/I1WHmEuj6w
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We're happy to be at the #BetterPolicy for a Better World Conference today with @MaxBellSchool! https://t.co/FMby4pk9A9 TeachForCanada photo

Big thanks to all of the teachers who stopped by the Teach For Canada booth today at the #EdTalent2019 Fall Job Fair to learn more about going North. https://t.co/IAp9DEmfpf https://t.co/OrZDOwtL7C TeachForCanada photo

Today is National Aboriginal Veterans Day. Take a moment to watch this video to hear from First Nations veterans and recognize their sacrifices and contributions. https://t.co/L1Q52YMDD0

At schools in Carrot River, Sask., which is about 250 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon, you now might see a teacher using drumming to teach sequencing, or a class making bannock without measure tools. https://t.co/BvwXpeL0jt

The journey of understanding the treaty relationship and one’s role within it can be a collaborative co-created journey with the teacher and the students. #TreatyRecognitionWeek https://t.co/EhjC2GPf0D https://t.co/jGHq3R2Puh TeachForCanada photo
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