Advisory Council

A desire for collaboration, co-creation and partnership with communities fuel our Advisory Council.

Teach For Canada’s core values–humility, respect, collaboration, integrity, and learning–represent a desire for collaboration, co-creation, and partnership with First Nations. To this end, an Advisory Council composed of community members has been established to provide community-driven advisory capacity to the organization.


Teach For Canada is in the early stages of its lifespan and while the strategic priorities are set by its Board of Directors, the Advisory Council helps to ensure that the work of Teach For Canada is driven by First Nation community partners. Furthermore, the Advisory Council and the space that is created for community-driven ideas allows for the co-creation of programs and activities at the earliest stages, as well as a forum to give feedback on Teach For Canada’s teacher recruitment, preparation, and support programs.

Advisory Council and Teach For Canada Staff, January 2018


In January 2018, the Advisory Council gathered in Toronto for its fifth bi-annual meeting. In addition to providing updates and reviewing Teach For Canada programs, topics of discussion included:


  • Advice on how Teach For Canada should engage with community partners when developing its impact assessment framework
  • Feedback on what behaviours, skills, and values First Nations partners are looking for in teachers
  • Guidance on whether Teach For Canada should have a youth advisory council
  • One-on-one discussions between community representatives and staff members to gather information about the First Nations to share with teachers

“The Teach For Canada teachers are a positive addition to the community. They are well liked. The kids always seem to be cooperating with them.”

Rocky Landon

Principal, Poplar Hill First Nation