Teacher shortages have reached a crisis point in remote First Nations schools. An under-supply of local certified teachers, paired with an ever-tightening labour market puts thousands of First Nations students at risk of having no teacher at all for the coming school year. There is an urgent need for certified teachers in many of the First Nations that Gakino’amaage: Teach For Canada serves.


The Gakino’amaage: Teach For Canada Community Partner Job Board connects educators with roles in the First Nations that Gakino’amaage: Teach For Canada serves. To access the Job Board, you must first fill out the form provided.


    Hiring conducted through the Community Partner Job Board is completely separate from Teach For Canada–Gakinaaamaage. This Job Board is for First Nations Community Partners to share job openings in their schools or organizations. They maintain full control over the application and hiring process. Follow the application instructions provided in the job posting and contact the job posting’s contact person if you have questions about the position.


    Applicants using the Job Board won’t be part of our preparation and support programs, but successful candidates may access some teacher support from Gakino’amaage: Teach For Canada after being hired. For more details, email selection@teachforcanada.ca.


    Interested in applying to Gakino’amaage: Teach For Canada and accessing our full preparation and support programming?

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