Gakino’amaage: Teach For Canada staff and advisors are community-focused and motivated by a desire to make education more equitable in Canada.


On our team of full-time staff, we are fortunate to have a committed, experienced, talented, and humble group of leaders. Together, this team is responsible for recruiting, preparing, and supporting educators, engaging with First Nations and Indigenous organizations, fundraising, communications, operations, finance, and all other organizational functions.

Board members Kyle Hill and Cynthia Wesley Esquimaux

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for steering the organization toward a sustainable future by giving direction on governance, finance, fundraising, and long-term strategy.


Shannon Payne, senior consultant and Indigenous education expert, advises Teach For Canada during a Circle of Advisors meeting.

Circle of Advisors

Our Circle of Advisors played a critical role in the foundation of Teach For Canada–Gakinaamaage. Together, they brought national experience in rural, remote, and Indigenous education, having served as teachers, principals, superintendents, education directors, professors, and in other leadership positions across the country. These individuals each played an integral role in our organization, and helped to advise our program design and long-term strategy.


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