What we're looking for

It takes a special kind of educator to work with Teach For Canada and our northern partners.

What does a successful northern educator look like? They overcome challenges with flexibility and bring the community into their classroom. Outside of school, they get involved in the community, lead extracurricular activities, and explore the natural environment. But above all, they come humbly to learn as much as they teach. Read teacher stories here.

The selection process consists of a series of interviews as well as references and evaluation checks. It is an opportunity for applicants to better understand northern teaching. Teachers will meet with members of our staff, alumni, and community education leaders. Every stage of the selection process focuses on teacher success in northern First Nations based on the following selection criteria: 

Community Focused

Engages in and learns from community life.


Overcomes challenges during a 2+ year commitment.


Understands personal strengths and weaknesses.


Approaches life with humour and an easygoing attitude.

Love of Children

Supports all students to reach their goals.


Pushes personal limits, especially outdoors.

Strong Teaching Practice

Drives for results and differentiates instruction.

Minimum Qualifications
  • Certified to teach in a Canadian province by July 2019
  • Have legal working status in Canada
  • Available to attend the three-week Summer Enrichment Program mid-July to August (all-expenses covered by Teach For Canada)
  • Able to relocate and teach full-time in a rural First Nation in Northern Ontario or Manitoba in Fall 2019

“I want a teacher who is polite, respects me, and takes me places, so that I experience things.”

Shyanne Woods, student at Mikinaak Onigaming School, Ojibways of Onigaming First Nation