Teacher Preparation

Teach For Canada’s Summer Enrichment Program

Teach For Canada provides selected teachers with three weeks of preparation. The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is the cornerstone of Teach For Canada’s community-focused preparation program. It is led by Indigenous leaders, northern teachers, and education experts. It helps teachers to learn about the history and culture of northern First Nations, to adopt culturally-relevant pedagogies, to visit a First Nation, and to establish effective self-care practices.


See the 2018 Summer Enrichment Program Agenda and Presenter Biographies for the 2018 Summer Enrichment Program.

A Three Week Program

Week 1: Culture
Teachers learn about First Nations’ histories, cultures, languages, traditions, and contemporary realities.
Week 2: Community
Teachers meet with members of the First Nations where they will teach to ask community-specific questions. Teachers also travel to one of our community partners for a four-night experiential learning trip.
Week 3: Classroom
Teachers learn culturally-responsive pedagogy, outdoor education, and classroom strategies. They are coached to develop professional and personal goals and concrete self-care strategies.

July 13th to August 4th, 2019


Lakehead University (Thunder Bay) and four days in a northern community partner


Prepare you for teaching and living in the North


Teachers participate in facilitator-led workshops and interactive activities. Teach For Canada covers all costs including transportation, accommodation, and meals.

  • All Teach for Canada teachers must attend
  • Indigenous leaders, northern teachers, and education experts will
    lead sessions
  • Education directors and principals from community partners will
    join for several days
  • Many Teach For Canada teachers and staff will join


Jason Singh fishing
Summer Enrichment Program August 16, 2018
Changing Hopes, Fears, and Fantasies
Jason Singh
Summer Enrichment Program August 5, 2018
Julie Hockridge
Three people fishing
Summer Enrichment Program July 30, 2018
An Enlightening Trip
Jim Priebe
Teach For Canada's Janna Garrett
Summer Enrichment Program July 24, 2018
Naanan Bagijiganan/Five Gifts
Janna Garrett
Two people on a big rock on the shore of a lake with a sunset in the background
Summer Enrichment Program August 10, 2017
With a Good Heart, in a Good Way
Andrea Grit
Teachers participating in leadership activities at Summer Enrichment Program
Summer Enrichment Program August 16, 2016
The Joys Of The Summer Enrichment Program
Chris Johnson
Teachers learning about Northern Communities
Summer Enrichment Program August 6, 2016
The Shortest Three Weeks Imaginable
Carley Whittle