Apply Now

Teach For Canada recruits teachers for full-time classroom positions in a First Nation in Northern Ontario and Manitoba. Applications are now open.

Generally, applicants complete the following in a Teach For Canada application to see if they are the right fit to teach in the North:

  • Qualifications: Confirm teacher certification in Canada, working status, SEP participation, and availability to relocate
  • Basics: Add contact details, languages, and where you heard about Teach For Canada
  • Teaching: Detail teaching certification, qualifications, and trainings
  • Resume: Attach a resume and additional comments
  • Essay: Reflect on what motivated you to teach in a northern First Nation
  • Optional survey: Share information to help us improve our process



“If every teacher had the opportunity to come and experience teaching in the North they should. Because you learn a lot about the way children learn, you learn about yourself the kind of teacher that you are, and you learn how to be flexible how to appreciate what’s around you.”

– Angela Fiorletta,┬áReading Intervention Teacher, North Spirit Lake First Nation