Indigenous Education Speaker Series: A Framework for the Inclusion of Indigenous Knowledge Content with Mkomose (Andrew Judge, Ph.D.)

Teach For Canada’s Indigenous Education Speaker Series brings experts, educators, and Knowledge Keepers together to share wise practices for incorporating Indigenous content in the classroom.

Join us for our second session of 2022-2023: A Framework for the Inclusion of Indigenous Knowledge Content with Mkomose (Andrew Judge, Ph.D.). This session is the second of a three-part series led by Mkomose.

This presentation will focus on a framework that Mkomose has utilized for the past decade, which ensures that particular content can be introduced to students at certain times throughout the school year, and guides educators in ways to approach land-based learning. It will also support practical strategies for the engagement of community members. 

This framework is based on the natural environmental cycles that Indigenous peoples globally adhered to until colonization disrupted these practices. The focus of this presentation will be centered on feedback received from Mkomose’s first presentation, so that it supports the immediate implementation of these strategies into classrooms and beyond.

Mkomose (Andrew Judge, Ph.D.) is an Assistant Professor of Anishinaabe Studies at Algoma University.  He has lectured at Sir Wilfrid Laurier University, The University of Waterloo, and Coordinated Indigenous studies at Conestoga College, where he established a network of Indigenous leaders to restore land. Mkomose specializes in Anishinaabe cultural knowledge, ethno-medicine, and land-based learning.  

Mkomose has learned from, worked and consulted with, and served Indigenous Elders and community leaders for nearly fifteen years. He has founded several community-led Indigenous knowledge-based programs at elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels and works tirelessly to promote Indigenous land-based sustainability practices.

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We are excited for you to join us in learning from Mkomose’s wisdom and experience!



February 1, 2023

5:30 - 7:00 PM EST

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