Caitlin Malone
Teacher Development Manager

Caitlin is an Ontario Certified Teacher who is qualified to teach Primary to Intermediate. She also has additional qualification courses in Special Education and Kindergarten. Caitlin has always had a very adventurous spirit, which has led her to have some amazing experiences in teaching. She graduated with her B.Ed. from Lakehead University in 2010 and immediately flew over to England to travel and teach for two years.

After her experience in the UK, she traveled across Canada to live in Kelowna, British Columbia, where she was introduced to Waldorf education. This exposure ignited a passion for alternative learning and more holistic approaches to education. Caitlin became qualified as a Waldorf Teacher at the West Coast Institute in Duncan, BC in 2017 and worked as a Grade 3-7 teacher at the Kelowna Waldorf school.

Her love for holistic education inspired her to teach in northern Ontario. In 2020, Caitlin packed up her things and flew north to Eabametoong First Nation, where she fell in love with the people and the outdoors. Caitlin developed a deep connection with the community and made the most of every moment that she had there. She became much more aware of the realities and challenges that children face in the north, but also saw the raw beauty that it holds.

Caitlin is very excited to be part of Gakino’amaage: Teach For Canada and is eager to form authentic bonds with teachers. She hopes to cultivate relationships where all can be heard and are inspired to grow as individuals. Outside of work, she loves to do long distance running, spend time with her fur babies, go backcountry camping, hike, hang out with friends and family, listen to good music, and curl up with a coffee and a book.