Francesca Durham
Director of Teacher Recruitment

Francesca assumes the pivotal role of Director of Teacher Recruitment, bringing more than two decades of dedicated experience in connecting people with their ideal career paths. Her unwavering passion for people fuels her commitment to helping individuals discover their dream teaching positions while fostering enduring relationships with the educators and schools that recognize their potential.

The arts have always held a special place in Francesca‘s heart. They serve as a bridge between the cultural diversity of her mother’s Northern Italian heritage and her father’s Trinidadian roots. Growing up in Peel Region, her parents were enthusiastic patrons of the arts for many years, emphasizing the significance of culture in community life. This upbringing had a profound impact and influence on her life, shaping her appreciation for the rich tapestry of human expression and connection.

Francesca finds serenity in quiet moments spent exploring the natural beauty of regional parks and nature trails, drawing inspiration and rejuvenation from the great outdoors.