Indira Ngozi Benjamin
Teacher Recruitment Coordinator

Indira is a Social Work (BSW) graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University who carries with her an enriched insight of experiences shaped by her upbringing in Inuit communities in Northern Quebec. Specializing in Anti-Oppressive Practice as well as arts-based holistic counselling with a foundation in Indigenous knowledge, Indira has cultivated a diverse background in community work. From serving in remote Indigenous communities to navigating the districts of Toronto and Etobicoke, she has witnessed firsthand the resilience and unique needs of diverse communities.

Indira is deeply committed to holistic approaches while integrating art-based practices and Indigenous wisdom into her professional work. Her passion is motivated through creating and supporting spaces that are culturally led by Indigenous knowledge and aligning with her dedication to respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.

Rooted in a mixed-race background, early exposure to Indigenous communities, and educational training in social work, she feels a moral responsibility to contribute to the positive development and advancement of Indigenous peoples, communities, and organizations on both micro and macro levels.

Indira is excited to embark on this meaningful journey with Gakino’amaage: Teach For Canada, where education becomes a catalyst for positive change in First Nations. During her free time, she is taking care of her plants, creating art projects, learning new food recipes and spending time with community.