Jessica Manni
Professional Development Manager (Parental Leave Cover)

Jessica has always had a passion for education. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Waterloo and a Primary/ Junior Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa. She holds additional qualifications in Special Education, and Intermediate Physical Education, and continues to work on her Principal qualification training with OISSE. With a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Walden University, Jessica loves creating dynamic learning environments and trying out new educational strategies. Her leadership style is rooted in collaboration and cultural inclusivity.

Jessica is an Ontario-certified educator passionate about teaching and a lifelong commitment to learning. Her journey includes 15 years of teaching and leading teams in diverse international settings such as South Korea, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, and China, enriching her approach with global perspectives.

Now in Toronto, she balances her educational pursuits by embracing wellness through fitness, reading, and being with her family and friends.